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Who We Are

Change the Triangle is the volunteer organization for young professionals (ages 21-40) in the Triangle area. Change the Triangle members participate in a group volunteer events that are completely planned and organized ahead of time. The goal of our organization is to give young professionals a way to become involved with the local community in a fun, relaxed social setting with minimal time commitment. We pride ourselves on providing young professionals with low commitment, high impact opportunities.

Our Blog

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Volunteers needed for A Night At Monte Carlo

We are looking for 12 volunteers for a […]

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Get Involved with Change the Triangle!

Looking to get more involved with Change the […]

Want to Get Involved?

Becoming a volunteer with Change the Triangle is simple. We have no meetings, no attendance requirements, and no dues. Volunteers simply sign up for our mailing list and are notified as events are planned. The only thing we ask is that you honor your commitment to Change the Triangle and the nonprofits we serve by attending any events that you sign up for. Volunteers must be over 21 to volunteer with us. Ready to join?